Android Apps

A wesbite designed for both smartphones and bigger screens is much better than a website designed just for larger screens but it still can't do everything you can do with an app.

So should you develop for Android or iOS on an iPhone? A good approach is to start with one and then develop for the other. There is no magical one click solution to convert from one platform to the other so the best approach is to work out all the niggles with one first over a period of months.

We recommend Android as they have over four times the market share.

What we do...

  • First off we'll have chat with you about what you want and what you want to achieve by developing the app.
  • Then we'll develop the screen design for you to have a look at before we complete the functionality.
  • Once we've finished we'll test it on an emulator to see how it looks on different phones.
  • Then we'll install it on your phone so you can do some testing of your own.
  • You might want to get someone else to do some testing for you, maybe just friends and family. Either way we'll make any necessary adjustments.
  • When you're ready we'll upload your app to Google Play and anyone can download it.

When we are done...


So after we've sorted out all the niggles for you then you're you ready to get it working on one of these, an iPhone.

If you decide to. It's not compulsory and as we said Android have got the vast majority of the market share.

If you want to look into it you'll need to get some quotes from people who can develop your app for iPhones.

That should be easy just get them to download your Android app, have a good look, and give you a quote.

You can then decide whether it makes financial sense.