Our Commitment to our Clients

The following defines our commitment to our clients


  1. Not to mislead or knowingly allow the client to be misled as to the capabilities and limitations of the software and services to be supplied.
  2. To have a polite and respectful approach to business relationships.
  3. To not disclose to any third party any confidential information about our clients.
  4. Comply with non-discriminatory legislation in the areas of race, colour, ethnic origin, sexual orientation, gender, disability or age in all aspects of our work.

Consultancy & Project Management

  1. To offer consultancy and advice appropriate to the circumstances of the client's project and in the best interests of the client.
  2. To proactively make the client aware of their obligations with regard to the successful completion of the project.
  3. To advise clients on accessibility issues with regard to web standards and relevant legislation.
  4. To keep the client informed of the progress in dealing with support requests, especially when delays are expected.


  1. To ensure the client has the relevant skills to operate the solution provided.
  2. To ensure that staff delivering training are adequately experienced and qualified.
  3. To avoid the unnecessary use of technical terminology.
  4. To provide the client with appropriate supporting documentation.


  1. To present realistic initial costs to the client.
  2. To make the client aware of any ongoing costs.
  3. To make the client aware, at the earliest opportunity, of any additional cost that may be incurred.
  4. To make the client aware, where possible, of likely future development costs.


  1. To agree realistic deadlines for initial delivery and stages of the project.
  2. To advise the client, at the earliest opportunity, if there is a risk of such deadlines not being met.