We are always interested to hear about our customers' experiences of the service we provide. Below is a selection of their comments.

Sheffield Landscaping & Decking

Mark has done two web sites for me - one for my landscaping business and another for my property rental business. Being barely able to get beyond texting and writing emails myself I found Mark's expert knowledge invaluable. He advised me what to call the site, which domain name to purchase and linked an email account to the site. The web site is easy to use; even with my limited technological skills I am able to upload testimonials and photos to it. I have had the web site now for many years and had ceased paying for any kind of advertising - I am inundated with enquires due to the ease with which people find the site in a Google seach.

I was continually bombarded by emails and cold callers trying to get me to pay to be pushed higher up the google listings. All promised me that my current web site, which Mark continued to manage and update, was not properly optimised and that they could vastly improve it. I decided to test these competitors out and, whilst retaining Mark's web site, I had another site created by Yell.com which they managed for me. Now I could compare the two and see if their claims had any validity. So far I am in month three of the experiment, which is costing me £35 a month. ALL the enquiries I received have been from the site Mark manages for me. NONE have been as a result of the Yell site.

If you need a business web site, do not bother paying out monthly fees for advertising etc - just get Mark to build you a well optimised web site that people will find easily through a Google search. I cant recommend him enough. And he is cheap.

227 Environmental Limited

Virtual Venture have provided a highly efficient service delivering the initial website well within expected timescale and making subsequent amendments within a 24 hour period. In addition to building us a website that reflects our professional standing Virtual Venture have also provided us with Internet marketing expertise, knowledge which is essential to our expansion plans.

Rob Jackson (Managing Director) - 227 Environmental Limited

Workstream Construction Services

I just wanted to write a brief 'thank you' letter for the excellent job you did with the Java applets you developed last month for our Finance Department.

We have been particularly impressed with your 'Payroll Query' program, which enables every one of our consultants across the country to access operatives' salary data in real time. The program works beautifully, and for an investment of around £800 in your time, saves the company around £3,000 per annum. (That's what we used to spend on additional payroll system licences for each branch office to achieve the same result.)

Our experience with you confirms our long-held belief that we should always call on freelance programmers like yourself when we need to develop in-house applications. When it comes to competence, cost effectiveness, flexibility, delivery and service levels, we haven't found a major software house that can hold a candle to you. Well done!

Needless to say, when we need further tweaks to our systems, you will be our first port of call.

Kind regards
David Bridson
Operations Manager

The Cravat Company

Blimmin eck Mark! That's amazing! I'm looking at it now, got it on my phone and iPad! I'm sooooooooooo chuffed! My mind boggles at how this could happen so quickly! I've only looked at a few pages so far, so I'll carry on and check it all out, but my main reaction is.... WOW! Thank you SO much for taking this on, you are a total star!

Jill (Proprietor) - August 2018

Beauchamp College

Mr Cooper project managed the development of our website over a period of 18 months. In completing this project he showed himself to be highly organised, utterly reliable and a thoroughly effective administrator.

More important than that, he kept to deadlines and was able to co-ordinate the work of a number of different colleagues and groups in the college effectively and sympathetically. Mr Cooper is a hardworking individual and a reliable practitioner. I would have no hesitation in employing his services again and I am happy to recommend him unreservedly, as an IT professional.

Richard Parker
Principal - Beauchamp College

Yoga With Nerissa

I have known Mark Cooper since January 2004. I approached him after a recommendation to see if he could work on my web page: www.yogawithnerissa.co.uk It looked very unprofessional and Mark turned it totally around. I was very pleased. He has recently turned it around again and I am delighted.

I have always found Mark very efficient in making any changes when and where necessary. He also has good ideas.

I am involved with two other people in a small business called Yoga with Nerissa. We have made a video together. In August 2005 Mark became our Business Manager and with his help the video is now a DVD which not only sells on my web page and Amazon but world wide through Green Umbrella.

I would recommend Mark highly as being efficient, professional and as an ideas man. Please feel free to get in touch with any queries.

Nerissa Fields - February 2007

Astley Carpets

Mark is prompt and extremely efficient and I have always found him to be very competitive on price.

He's been managing my website for a number of years now and he always tried to get a feel for my business as a whole so that he can offer me the best solution.

Mark understands that I am extremely busy but he is happy to pop along at a time that suits me to talk things through fully. I am extremely grateful to Mark for this and, as such, I would not hesitate to recommend him to other businesses like mine.

Ian Frost - 2018

The Frock Factory

I am extremely pleased with the services provided by Virtual Venture Limited My original website was only bringing in the occasional order and was hardly appearing in the search engines at all. The average hits per month were about 5,000 a month.

After the rebuild of the site it looked 100% better, was easier to use, much more information, and all round was a huge improvement. It looked like a professional website. In fact there was no comparison with the original; a rather poorly designed and uninteresting website, for which I was utterly overcharged.

The amount of hits my new site received increased dramatically, then enquiries came flooding in, not only from the UK but the USA and other countries. The amount of orders I began to receive increased noticeably. The average hits per month that I receive currently is, as of today the 27th, for month of Jan 2005: 228,482 hits, so you can make a guess at the month total. The daily average is at 8,462)

I also received training so that I was able to edit and update my website, therefore eliminating the need to hire this work out, once again saving on costs. The fantastic training I received inspired me to look further into website design, leading me to eventually build The Cravat Company website, launched mid December 2004 and which is now receiving orders of its own from the UK and the USA.

I would recommend Virtual Venture Limited wholeheartedly.

Jill Blakemore (Proprietor) - The Frock Factory

Guitar Lessons Leicester

I would wholeheartedly recommend Mark to others.

Mark always listens to you and takes time out to discuss your options before setting a plan into action. This is the reason that I have trusted Mark to run the IT side of my business over the last ten years.

Most recently, I asked Mark to upgrade my existing website in order to be more mobile friendly. True to form, Mark completed the job within a day.

Less than a month has passed and I have already begun to see an upturn in website traffic. This is tremendously reassuring for my business as it is always reliant upon new business.

Simon Lunn - 2018